Achieving Your Peak Potential

Many times after failing to achieve a goal we have set out to do, we are often guilty of saying to ourselves: ‘If only we had more money, we could have done more to achieve our goal’, 


We try and console ourselves by saying ‘At the time I simply did not have the time and/or energy to actually follow through with my tasks to see it through to fruition’.

It is only human to shift the blame onto an external force –that is beyond our control when things go awry, to say that we did not have the sufficient amount of resources to complete a task, but for us to really succeed and be the best at what we do we have to keep in mind that that the best achievers are not the ones who has the most resources but the ones that is most resourceful.


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Being resourceful is defined as the ability and creativity to cope with difficulties.

There will always be a time where we will face difficulties in some form or another but what really sets us apart is the mind-set we actively choose to be at our optimal.

To reach our most ‘resourceful state’ when approaching our goals.

To maximize our productivity and personal-effectiveness as well as to have a proper tool of measurement to track growth and improvement, that is what will get us to where we want to be.

We understand that the road to always actively choosing to be at your optimal will be difficult and therefore here are a few tips you can use to achieve your peak performance level:

1. Try zooming in and out of the situation

When approaching a problem there is a high tendency for us to be sucked into the problem, and the further we dig into the problem the more we feel like we are getting nowhere with the problem.


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The norm following such a predicament would then be for us to throw our hands up in the air and say that we simply do not have enough resources or knowledge to be able to carry out the plan.

The next time this happens, a better way for us to deal with this situation is to instead start zooming out from the situation.

Stop digging ourselves in too deep and try looking at the problem from a different view, gain insights from the people around us, people who aren’t involved in the predicament.

This can help us better understand the situation and enable us to find new ways of solving the issue.

2. Burning your boats


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In the book The Art of War by Sun Tzu, one of his most famous strategies in winning any war would be to burn your boats and bridges once you are in enemy territory.

He says we need to make it clear to everybody that there is no turning back.

Similar to his tactic, in order for us to reach our ultimate state of resourcefulness we need to believe it in our hearts and recite it in our minds that there is no turning back once we have started our journey towards our goals.

We need to also make it clear to the people around us that we will be achieving our goal in the predetermined amount of time.

We should tell our closest friends and families about our new goal and how we are going to achieve them, leaving us without a chance to back out.

3. Pluck up the courage to ask for things

More often than not we are held back by our inhibitions, by the thought that we are most likely to receive a negative response to our questions and therefore we shy away from asking for important resources or information.

In order for us to reach our peak performance, we need the necessary information and resources to enable the pursuit of certain activities.

What we are asking for may seem outrageous, it may seem out of the norm to ask, but if it is something that we need in order to get the job done then there is no two way around it.

Asking is the most straightforward and effective way in getting the things we need.

4. Master the art of  getting information

In the time of high speed internet and even greater bandwidth, information is easily attainable with a push of the button.

With the innovation of the web, it is now easier than ever for us to gain a multitude of information if we only know how to look.

Here is an info-graphic to help you research effectively using Google Search Box.


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5. Take immediate action

Just like most things, after taking that initial step towards our goal, after breaking that initial inertia present within our lives, there needs to be enough continuous energy to keep the momentum going and the best way for us to keep this momentum going would be to take immediate action.

We need to strike the iron whilst it is still hot and ride the wave of solving a problem.

As soon as the idea is initiated towards solving a certain problem, we need to try and test out the possible solutions in order for us to grow and learn and find our best ways for us to continuously perform our highest.

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