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8 Signs Your Time Management Sucks

TLDR OFF Managing your time effectively is a useful skill to have especially these days when there are so many opportunities and options that we can choose from out there. Many people who are always on the go would like to believe that they are good at managing their time however some of those people […]

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5 Lessons To Learn From Chinese New Year

TLDR OFF Chinese New Year or more commonly known as the Lunar New Year is a time of togetherness, it is a time of throwing out the old and welcoming the new, Chinese New Year at its core is quite similar to the Gregorian New Year as they both share the same spirit of starting […]

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Cultivating Good Habits

TLDR OFF “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”–Aristotle​Have you ever realized that despite your best efforts to want to change yourself for the better and take on a new lease on life, one way or another you seem to be falling into the same bad habits […]

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How To Stand Out While Interning

TLDR OFF As you sit (or stand) there by the Xerox printer at 5pm waiting for the final documents of your supervisor’s report –that so happens to be due on her desk tomorrow morning at, counting down the minutes before you bolt out the door. You hear that dreading beeping telling you that there is […]

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Start Committing To Taking Action

TLDR OFF ​Happy New Year! Yes it is still technically the new year as I’d like to believe that last week was a practice run for the real 2017! And every year during this time when we scroll through our social media feed, we can’t seem to shake the never ending posts of people determined […]

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Starting The Year Right

TLDR OFF ​As we wake up for work (or classes) today on the third day of the New Year, most of you are probably already contemplating breaking that good streak of going to the gym every morning. New year’s is a magical thing, it gives many people –especially people who’ve always been putting off doing […]

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Things We Accidentally Do At Work

TLDR OFF Sometimes despite our best efforts to stay productive and actually do meaningful work, we cannot seem to prevent ourselves from straying off tangent and being distracted by anything and everything especially during these end of year season with Christmas and New Years just around the corner.Below are the five things that we tend […]

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Dealing With Procrastination

TLDR OFF It’s only a few more weeks till the end of the year and as we get ready for next year I believe that one habit we need to look into seriously kicking is the habit of procrastinating.Let’s face it having to do important things and sticking to a deadline is all part of […]

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ways to become an proper adult

Being A Fully Functioning Working Adult

TLDR OFF After almost a whole year of working, I can safely say that being an adult is very much like sitting a roller coaster, except I can’t get off and the roller coaster is on fire, the tracks are on fire, and everything is on fire! (hahaha okay so I took this quote from […]

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rise above the challenges

Conquering Your Fear

TLDR OFF Fear, we all know it. It’s like that distant aunt you have but don’t really like, and just like your aunt fear will only ever appear just when you’re about to do something really important. During that crucial period of time she creeps up and shuts you down.The original purpose of fear in […]

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