Living Life With Purpose

In the world that we live in today, we see the people around us on an endless cycle of rushing through their lives; walking down the streets, doing the same nine to five jobs, and going through the same path in life.

Seeing this we too decide that we should always be taking the safe route, always doing what was the norm, and sticking to the same old things. 

Running through life just going through the motions never really feeling happy and yet never really feeling sad, convincing ourselves that this is how life is supposed to be.


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But then every once in a while we see other people, a select few of other people who have a fire in their eyes, who despite working long crazy hours seem to perfectly happy with what they are doing. 

When we see those people, something within us begins to stir; something within us tells us that is what happiness looks like.

Here are four steps that can guide us in our pursuit towards finding our purpose, towards being empowered by our choices and towards working hard to attain that happiness we see in others.

1.  Trade things you do well for things you do best

For those of us who’ve always played it safe, it is time to take a chance and believe in ourselves, it is time to believe that with enough hard work and determination, anything is possible.

Great people who have made an impact in this world, never settled at doing something that other people told them to do.

What great people like Barrack Obama, Mark Zuckenberg and Oprah Winfrey did was trade what they were good at for something they knew they were the best at when they discovered their talents.

2. Try The Things That Makes You Scared

For those of us who are afraid of public speaking, afraid of putting our artwork out there, Afraid of pursuing something that is not in the trend; the time is not for us to leave those fears that are holding us back behind and be free to explore and try new things.

Unless we let go of our inhibitions we will never be able to venture out of our comfort zone. This is because:


3. Stay Focused To Take on New Challenges

It may be daunting to go through so many hurdles and challenges when walking down the path of passion but if we keep at it and stay focused, the challenges that is in our way too will pass.

No one is a master on their first try; people like Bruce Lee, Serena Williams and Usain bolt became masters in their field because they have put in thousands upon thousands of hours perfecting their skill to get to where they are.

These masters had to go through countless number of challenges in order to be molded into the person they are today.

4. You’re Never Too Young or Old To Start

Bill Gates found computers at the age of 11 and the rest was History, Warren Buffet tried his hand in the business industry at 7 and is now the most successful investor in the world, Reid Hoffman founded Linkedin close to 40 years old and turned his online platform into a multi-million company.

Sometimes in life, we may think to ourselves ‘I haven’t accumulated enough knowledge or enough experiences for me to venture into this thing that is completely unknown’.

We need to change this mindset, to understand that at any point in our lives should we encounter something that gives us a thrill like no other, something gives us this energy to work tirelessly then we should focus our energy and resources into perfecting the skill and turning our talents into something lucrative.

Feeling like life should be lived with purpose? Let us in on your thoughts and tell us what you think in the comment section below. 

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Sending you love from across the screen. 

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