Why You Have Been Doing New Year’s Resolution Wrong All These Years

The New Year always has us feeling optimistic. It gives us the feeling that no matter what happened in the past that the future holds great potential for us to do many great things.

However we tend to plan when actually getting down to doing these great things.

My goal for this year

Below are three simple steps that will get you one step closer to not abandoning the goals you’ve set out for yourself


1. Break Down Big Tasks and Be Specific

Know exactly what you want to do and break it down to even smaller tasks

2.  Get An Accountability Partner

Get someone to check up on you once in a while

3. Keep an Achievement Journal

Record down your progress daily because we tend to forget our highs when we hit our lows

Want to read the break down on how to create a better, more achievable New Year’s Resolution?

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About the Author

Julian Yong is Jedi Apprentice in Thriving Talents. He is on his journey to build a 100% passive income through online business. His mission is to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to be forward thinkers, risk takers and game changers by learning from the best.

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