Hi and welcome to TalentPodz!

This all-new podcast is created for all you young people out there who want to equip yourselves for the business or working world out there. Whether in terms of character, business, or relationships, our goal is to unleash your potential, and one of the ways we do it is through discovering how other successful business people or leaders have done it.

In TalentPodz, we interview young ordinary people who have accomplished extraordinary achievements in their lives. And guess what? They are all under 35 years of age.

Why do you only interview young people you ask?

Because they are just like you and me.. and we believe that if they can do it, there is nothing that's stopping you from being inspired to do the same. We also strongly believe that you being a young generation are going to be future leaders of tomorrow.

Our mission in Thriving Talents is to equip the lives of 1 million people with the skills  to succeed in life and work by 2030 so this is where it begins.