The Meaning of Being Thankful

We are constantly being bombarded by images of luxurious cars, millionaires living in mansions and glossy images of models in expensive clothing in the media we consume every day; conditioning the way we think about ourselves and the world around us.

In a world where materialistic gains has played such a prevalent role in shaping what we consider important and shaping what we consider being successful looks like,

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Can being grateful as well as selflessly giving –not only your time and effort into helping someone else but also your respect and love to others, ever be considered equally as if not more important than materialistic rewards?

The answer to this question was put quite aptly by Dr John. F. Demartini (best-selling author) in his book From stress to success in Just 31 Days

He says that gratitude is the creator of miracles. because gratitude can always be felt by those around us.

He says that gratitude is the secret to success and that gratitude can always be felt by those around us.

Gratitude exudes a positive energy that can be felt, the pleasant hum of serenity that all is well within the world no matter how stormy the seas.

If we took the time to observe those who are grateful –just like writer Geoffrey James, we too will discover that people who are grateful are constantly aware of what's wonderful in their life.

They enjoy the fruits of their successes, and will continue to seek out more success.

And when things don't go as planned, people who are grateful are better able to put failure and challenges they face into perspective.

There are even psychological and physical benefits to being grateful.

By being grateful we are able to sleep better at night, be more likely to exercise and even able to remove toxic emotions that drag us down.

Here are a few steps that we can actively take towards becoming more grateful:

1. Say Thank You More Often

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The easiest and possibly the best way to show someone else that we truly appreciate them and all that they have done for us would be to offer them our most sincere Thank You.

Thank you goes a long way in bridging that gap between people. It is all most like a form of transference of happiness. In some languages, the word thank you also means you're welcome and excuse me.

For the majority of us, we often fail to thank another person because we either feel that it is their responsibility as our family member and friends to help us or that we have purchased their services.

Being grateful and appreciative of another person’s contribution shouldn’t be based on the condition in which the help was rendered but rather the feeling of gratefulness present within our hearts.

Just saying a simple "Thank You" has brought about countless blessing to my life from receiving helpful tips to free meals and even sometimes recovering a lost item..

After conducting an interview for our Talentpodz segment, we came across a quaint little Traditional Thai Restaurant. It had a very vintage feel and the servers were being very hospitable. 

After finishing our meal, to communicate our gratitude for the food we decided to repeatedly say 'Kapunka' (Thank You in Thai). We were in such a good mood after the food that we actually left the shop without realising we forgot to take our microphone

Up to almost a week later, whilst preparing for our next interview only did we realise that we were missing our microphone. In a frenzy Julian searched every where for it before coming to the conclusion that we may have left it in the shop.

Gratitude brings fruit

Julian retrieving the microphone from a Thai restaurant

Our miracle came when we contacted the Thai shop and the lady remembered us. She told us that she had kept the microphone safe whilst waiting for us to recover it.

From this experience I've realised that being appreciated is one of those things that really motivates us as human beings, both at work and in life. It validates the things we do and makes us happier people.

As we try to become a more grateful person, it is crucial that we appreciate the people who have contributed to our well being or have helped make our lives better.

Say 'Thank You' to the next 10 people you meet and tell us how that made you feel

2. Give the People You Love a Hug

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Another great way for us to show someone else especially the ones we love that we are truly grateful and appreciative would be to give them a hug.

A hug does wonders towards strengthening our relationship as well as making another person feel truly loved and appreciated.

​Research have shown that by hugging someone you're able to grow closer to the person and have a sense of comfort with the person.

It helps in building relationships, mending rifts and even making someone like you better.

However, I'd like to advise that you proceed with caution. Hug when appropriate because consent is always important.

Give your spouse, siblings or parents a big hug the next time you see them

3. Do a Random Act of Kindness

To those of us who would like to go above and beyond and feel that being grateful should also be about helping the community, that you can start with doing random act for people around you.

Start helping out around the house, or help take care of your neighbour's pet. These are a few ways you can start.

As you get used to helping the people around you, you can also expand your reach by helping strangers around you. But just like hugging people, I'd advise you to proceed with caution. Below are a few suggestions of things you can do.

  • Pay it forward when you buy coffee in the morning.
  • Sign up as a volunteer at your local homeless shelter
  • Write a positive note to a co-worker

For ideas on Random Acts of Kindness, click here.

4. End Everyday on A High Note 

Lastly, before you go to bed, instead of scrolling through social media or making preparations for work the next day; trade those activities with either Thanking God or simply reflecting on the day you have had. 

Note down the things that are grateful for and feel at peace with yourself. 

This will enable you to end the day on a good note and to condition your mind for a better day tomorrow.

We strongly believe that having daily gratitude is so essential that we included it as part of the Thriving Goals Journal.

In the Thriving Goals Journal, one of the daily activities involves reflecting and listing 3 items to the Gratitude list. 

There seems to be something magical at work when you start listing down items in your Gratitude list.

Don't believe me? Try it for yourself and see.

If you want to set and accomplish your #1 goal in 90 days, check out the Thriving Goals Journal here.

  • Be grateful for the family who has continuously been there to support us,
  • Be grateful for the friends who have always had our backs
  • Be grateful that tomorrow will be another day for us to do great.
  • Be grateful for making it through the day

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    Very informative post, Elisha. I just gave my siblings a hug today and they loved it!

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