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Happy New Year everyone! (Yes I'm technically still allowed to say that). Since it's the new years I've had the sudden realisation that

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If you're in the same boat as we let's both commit to taking action and acheiving our goals this year and below are a few steps on how to do it.


This year choose courage over fear and the best way to do it is to start by understanding what exactly is it that you want. It’s usually easier for us to downplay our fears when we can see the benefits outweighing the costs.


The next step after you’ve gotten over your fear you need to map out a plan to get to your goal. In his bestselling book the 7 habits of highly effective people, Stephen Covey says that people who are highly successful usually start with the end in mind. This is a great concept that will help us understand our goal.


Map out your action steps through careful planning. Think of possible challenges that you may face and opportunities you will have to seize in order to get from one step to another. Start by setting up mini goals or mini ‘upgrades’ you have to go through so that the cumulative of these goals will lead you to your ultimate goal.

Next come up with a general timeline and set up check points to motivate you and give yourself that little added pressure in order to sustain your motivation.​


As you look at your plan, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to get done and right about now that little voice in your head is probably already saying that it’s too much effort.

​Just keep taking small steps forward and stick to your timeline because sooner or later by just doing what is possible you’d surprise yourself by doing what is impossible


Lastly be true to yourself, you can get someone to be your accountability buddy to track your progress but in all truth and honesty

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The only person who can make a change in your life is you so it’s about time that we try our very best to stay discipline and do whatever it takes to get there.

I’m rooting for you! You can do this!

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