8 Signs Your Time Management Sucks

Have you ever woken up one day, and just realised that you seem to never have time for anything. And in the back of your mind as you rush for yet another appointment you stop and think to yourself 

If you have a sinking suspicion that you might be rubbish at managing your time below are a few signs that you can use to confirm your suspicion (and maybe start working towards getting better at it!)

1. Being Tardy (To almost every event)

If you see that there's nothing wrong with being late then think again.

I do understand that it is difficult to always be on time but if you’re finding yourself late to every single event you may need to stop for a minute and reassess your ability to properly manage your time. 

Because being late is sign that you're losing control of your time.​

2. You're rushing everywhere every time

Does your life feel like a never ending marathon where you keep switching from one task to another? I must admit that there too was a time where I used to think that being in an unending state of rushing means that I am being productive but I’ve come to realise that I was wrong.

When I’m always rushing it usually means that I have failed to estimate the time needed to complete a certain task accurately thus leaving me almost zero time to properly plan for all the components that needs my attention. That’s bad time management right there.

3. You're not performing

Those that fail to plan, plans to fail. Planning is crucial when executing a project.

When don't got enough time to plan and it shows up on your performance you know it's time to re-evaluate

4. Always feeling tired and stressed

If you are always overwhelmed by the amount of things you have to do maybe it’s time to take a step back and reevaluate how you’re filling up your schedule instead of stressing about always not doing something. Life is supposed to be about a balance of doing the things you want to do and doing the things you have to do.

5. Having to go back on your word

When you've missed one too many events that you swore you'd be there.  This does not include the time when you only said yes to not make it awkward.  

The sign that shows you have bad time management is when you're forced to miss something you're looking forward to because you simply do not have the time to do it.

6. You're always procrastinating

How do I know if I'm procrastinating?

Step 1: Are you supposed to be doing something?

If answer is YES!

Then: Are you doing anything else BUT that something?

If answer is still YES!

You're procrastinating

BUT you may ask what if it's something equally as important?

In that case: answer is still yes you're procrastinating

7. Unwilling to delegate tasks

If you are a firm believer in the saying ‘If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself!’ then you my friend are most likely not using your time effectively.

There isn't enough hours in a day to do everything and if you fear that someone else might not be able to do your work as good as you can then that's your warning sign telling you that you have a problem with time management

8. Always having to sacrifice what you want to do for things you don't really care about

As fully functioning adults, we all have to make certain sacrifices when it comes to the things we want to do, it could be because of budget restrictions, time restrictions or even prior commitments we have made to help others. But if you always have to sacrifice doing things that you really want to do because you don’t have time then it is time to fess up and admit that you have bad time management.

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