5 Lessons To Learn From Chinese New Year

As we usher in the year of the Fire Rooster, we go through the motions of yet again following strict traditions in order to usher in good fortune and prevent bad things from happening. Coming from a family that values time together the most, my parents would –to this very day, still insist that we wake up at odd hours of the early morning to travel a couple hundreds of kilometers just to avoid the massive traffic jam in order to spend that extra time with family.

Throughout the many years of celebrating or should I say surviving this auspicious yearly event, I begin to reflect and have realized that there are many things that can be learnt from the many traditions and taboos still practiced today.


When attempting to do something you know will not end very well for you, for example taking an extra cookie from the cookie jar, or maybe wanting to borrow an extra bit of money; it all boils down to pushing away the bad energy from whomever your targeting –by either distracting them or shifting their focus,

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making that energy positive again –by providing them with a bit of good news to get them into a good mood, and then going in for the kill


During the festive season you're usually at lost at what the proper thing to do in these situations but thankfully there's always bound to be a cousin,  or a sibling or a distant relative your age that does.

This concept that also be applied to life. Whenever you’ve encountered a roadblock and have absolutely no idea on how to get pass it, look out for people from your peers who might have the solution.


I hope it's not just me when I say that after the week of festivities are over I seem to have grown extra round. And in life sometimes we tend to overdo things.

The best way to ensure that you do not break deviate too far from your limit and goals is to do things in moderation. Doing things in moderation takes discipline and continuous effort. You would have to set a limit for yourself and learn when to say no thanks once you’re approaching that limit.


This choice to find a positive action you can take from a mean critic can get you far in life. Instead of being affected by the negativity it's best that you bounce back and try to find action steps to better improve yourself (though this needs to be done after thorough reflection and taking those criticisms you've received with a pinch of salt.)


When feeling negative feelings build up, smiling and waving can distract you long enough to get over the feelings of negativity. If you have a bad habit in which you wish to break and start replacing that bad habit with a good habit.

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