Starting The Year Right

As we wake up for work (or classes) today on the third day of the New Year, most of you are probably already contemplating breaking that good streak of going to the gym every morning.

New year’s is a magical thing, it gives many people –especially people who’ve always been putting off doing important things, the sudden rush of motivation to want to do/be better and conquer the mountains in their life, however this rush of motivation can only last for so long and when this motivation eventually fades off, we go back to doing things we’ve always been doing.

We sometimes think that maybe we’re just not meant to better ourselves, or think that we don’t have enough will power to carry through with what we’ve set out to do because the tasks is probably impossible. If you’re thinking this you’re probably right. Eventually you will give up mid-way and tell yourself that next year it will be different.

Instead of beating yourself up about not being able to sustain your motivation, let’s start this year a little differently. At this point of the year while you’re still on that motivation high, it’s time we take a pause, sit down and take a good look at how we’re going to go about sustaining this motivation and maybe, just maybe this year will finally be the year we achieve that same New Year’s resolution that we’ve had since 2012.

Here are a few ways in which you can start your year right in order to sustain that motivation to make this year your best year yet


Some people may suggest that to achieve your goal you would need to have a big vision board and have it constantly in your face for you to sustain your drive to want to succeed but as mentioned above motivation can only get you so far, what really makes difference is your active choice to want to do something about achieving your goals.

The easiest way to do this is to break down what are the different components of your resolution and set up weekly or monthly milestones that you need to unlock. This reprograms your brain into thinking it as more of a game or a challenge that you can unlock instead of an arduous task that you have to complete at the expense of your own comfort.


Working towards bettering different areas of our lives is bound to be difficult but it doesn’t have to be. Things like leading a healthier lifestyle or saving more (or starting to save) money are probably difficult things to start doing.

Most of the time we are probably thinking

We need to start thinking of immediate benefits we can derive from choosing to say exercise or put away money. It may be slightly more of a hassle but if you want to keep that motivation we need to see for ourselves the immediate benefits we can derive from actively taking the decision towards bettering ourselves.


For example, I find it absolutely difficult to go to the gym and almost every time for the past year I have been choosing to not go because of ‘reasons’. This year I am committed, I have told myself that for every five days I go to the gym I’ll get to indulge in eating ice cream and that will be my motivating factor to get me going.

You are far more likely to complete something you actually enjoy than to complete something in which you have to drag yourself to. Similar to doing things that you don’t like you are far more likely to do it if you find more creative ways to make it more fun. Distract yourself from the things you don’t want to do with something else more appealing.


Whenever you feel like you’ve failed, or you’ve derailed from your original plan in achieving your resolutions this year don’t be too hard on yourself. Sometimes we get ourselves into this state where we feel that we’ve utterly failed.

Tell yourself It’s alright! We’re all still human after all, all we have to do is just keep going.

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What are your new year's resolutions that you've been trying to complete since forever? Comment below and let me know!

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