How To Stand Out While Interning

Everyone has had sad sad experiences while interning, from struggling with the xerox machine to having to run around getting coffee for your seniors. You may even sometimes wonder during an internship

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There are many benefits to doing an internship, (though we cannot deny there are some downsides but) the upsides are:

· you get to have a test run of what the working world is really like before diving head first

· you get to gain valuable insights and knowledge you’d probably not get anywhere else, and

· lastly if you are outstanding it will most likely guarantee you a job once you graduate/ finish your internship.

Therefore for you to get to that end goal of securing that job here are a few things to keep in mind to stand out while interning.


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However, being professional goes so much further than how you dress and how you do your work. It also includes the way you speak with other people and how you carry yourself in the work setting


Every boss is unique and has different working styles. Sometimes we interns may get stuck with a really sucky boss/ superior but that is not to say that there is no good thing that can come out of it. Know his/her working styles, what he likes or dislikes and what is his values both as an individual and as a professional.


Interning is your best chance to learn all you can and absorb everything like a sponge, try your very best to get into projects that’ll give you the best opportunity to learn something new. Try your very best to say yes to projects that you have no experience in because chances are everything they throw at you is going to be something new. Say yes and figure it out along the way.


If you feel that you could add value and help things run a little more efficiently than by all means I do suggest you voice your opinion but keep in mind the way you phrase your sentence or question can make all the difference between people (or worse your boss) thinking you’re a know-it-all snob versus a genuinely curious pro-active intern trying to make the workspace a better place.

I hope some of these tips helped! Also share your horror stories while interning below most of us do, I would loved to hear about them.

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