How To Get People To Like You

Being likeable at its core is about the ability for people to invoke feelings of pleasantness and relatability within another person towards themselves.

How then are you able to invoke feelings of pleasantness towards you?

Here are three ways that you can take to increase the chances of getting people to like you:

Make Good First Impressions

First impressions are really important because they last really long time in a person’s mind and how a person perceives you affects how relationships are built and how they react to you.

Therefore you must try to be on your best when meeting anyone even on bad days.

A good trick is to start the day off on a good note no matter what happened the day before. To believe that you’ll your best today and that’s all that matters.

Reduce Cognitive Strain

In getting people to like you, you need to reduce any resistance people would have toward the idea of you.

To achieve this you need to first observe the other person, get a good gauge of what the world looks like from their point of view and try your best to portray the side of you that is most in sync with how that person sees the world.

Have Integrity

There is a fine line between being polite and being someone with no opinions of their own.

Believing in something you hold dear and acting with honesty can also add to your likeability as most people react well to others who are sincere and passionate.

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