How To Discover My Talents And What To Do With Them

Everyone is born with a special gift(s) that gives them an edge over others and this gift is commonly known as a talent.

A talent is a skill that is difficult to most but comes naturally to that one individual.

Someone who has talent is able to do something without trying hard.

It is an ability that someone is born with.

To those of you have have already identified your talents than proceed to step 2

For those who haven't

Keep Calm and Read On

Not being able to identify our talents does not mean that we aren’t born with one but simply that these talents are either still in the making or have yet to be brought to our attention.

Most of the time we are unable to identify our talents because we do not consider these talents as something that could be of value to others.

The human mind is incapable of making objective judgments about our capabilities and because these talents come easily to us –as with other things that come easy to us, we take these talents for granted and views them as something of very minimal value.

Here are a few steps that we should take in not only identifying our talents but also taking our talents to the next level:

1. Listen To Others

Listening to our friends and family is the best way to start when trying to identify our talents. Pay close attention to the things they say about certain attributes and characteristics.

Listen To Others

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This step may be difficult at first as we are pre-programmed to dismiss these observations or compliments as courtesies, but after we learn to get over this phase, identifying what we are good at becomes much easier.

2. Own It

After identifying our talents it is not enough to simply accept it, we need to take it to the next level and own it.

To know that this talents is uniquely ours, to know that this talent is worth something and to know that this talent can enrich our lives and the lives of people around us takes conditioning and perseverance.

In owning this talent, we need to develop it further by finding the right knowledge to enhance our talent and this can be done by connecting with the right people who share the same passion and similar experiences.

3. Discover New Ways to Improve

The general route in improving our talents would be to seek out professional help or people who are far more experienced in the field of your talent because it is best to learn the tricks of the trade and learn their mistakes.

However, if in the event we are unable to find someone who is a professional in the field the next best option on the road to improving ourselves would be to join a community that is dedicated to the discussion of these talents.

4. Find Like-minded People

We as human beings are very social creatures and most of what we do usually –in some way or other deals with people.

This is why our motivation and our drive to develop our unique talents are also driven by the ability to discuss and share our experiences with others who also share the same experience.

To keep the fire going and to continue on learning and growing, having people support and also share similar experiences enables us to relate and to know that we are not alone in the pursuit of the same passion.

5. Add Value

As we continue to upgrade our skill pool it is also important for us to add value and give back to the community.

By adding value to the community, there is also a potential for us to have a fresh perspective on ways to improve ourselves.

To those of us who are extra ambitious and passionate, by adding value to others we could also market the skill that we have and make a profit out of it.

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