Michael Teoh
Michael Teoh (Malaysia)
Founder of Thriving Talents
Stuart Tan (Singapore)
Entrepreneur, International Speaker

In Star Wars, the main character Luke Skywalker had one of the best mentors out there.

The training with Master Yoda was essential in his preparation to battle the evil Darth Vader.

The people who mentor you often determine which networks you’re able to even find out about, let alone access and become part of.

A shared practice among all the highest achievers of our world I’ve ever met is that each of them had a mentor who was essential to their success, who helped them achieve much more than they thought or even knew was possible.

Yet in the real world, very few people have mentors—let alone have invested time in finding a high quality mentor.

If you’re like most people, you’re probably struggling with the very first step: How do you locate an amazing mentor in a sea of professionals, and how do you get that person to want to help you?

What You'll Discover On this Webinar:

  1. ​What Works and What Doesn’t when Reaching Out to Mentors
  2. Why You Need to Know Specifically What You Want from a Mentor
  3. How do you Maximize Your Learning with a Mentor
  4. And Specific Answers to your Questions!

PS: This webinar is completely free - there is no charge and we’ll deliver real content (not an hour long sales pitch…we hate those as much as you do!)

Introducing Your Hosts

Michael Teoh

Michael Teoh (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) is the Founder of Thriving Talents, a 'Millennials-focused' Talent Development company which delivers training and consultancy for Fortune 500 companies across 39 countries, in the areas of Attracting, Managing, Retaining & Motivating Millennials. He has shared the stage with other notable business icons like Sir Richard Branson, Sir Bob Geldof and even presented a workshop in the presence of President Barack Obama. Michael is the co-author of Potential Matrix: Strategies To Unlock Your Potential for Success in Anything That You Do.


Stuart Tan (Singapore) is an entrepreneur, focusing on human solutions in corporations and government. He has spoken to easily over 400,000 people across his 21 year trek into this wonderful industry. Some accolades included by bestselling books (co-author of Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny; bestseller of the iconic Secrets of Internet Millionaires, Secrets of Millionaire Students and 33 Killer Persuasion Tactics); being a mentor for various startup enterprises, and helping set up and run some of the biggest businesses in Singapore.

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