How To Switch Back To Work Mode

Taking a break from work and going on holiday is something that we don’t do often enough, mainly because we dread the after effects of coming back. Coming back to work after a long weekend can feel like a drag. It feels very much like you’re trying so hard to keep that productive switch on but a big part of you is yanking you by the feet to stop.

Below are a few things you can do prior to that awesome vacation to make coming back to work a smooth landing on Monday rather than an abrupt ejection from your holiday.

Before You Go On Your Holiday:

1. Have something exciting planned

Have something exciting planned for both when on vacation and for when you get back into the office/ work station/ place where you go to be productive.

2. Take enough days off

Take a holiday of at least four days to be at an optimal rested mode.

3. When on Vacation mode, stay on Vacation mode

It may be tempting to check in on work every once in a while, but it is utmost importance that we focus on recharging and recuperating.

4. Set a deadline

Make a list of things that is plausible to finish before you go on vacation and finish it before you go on vacation.

After Your Holiday:

5. Get a trigger item

Get something that is a constant whenever you work. Something that will signal your brain that it is time to work, it could be placing your coffee mug on your table at exactly 9.15am on your desk every morning, it could giving your friend Tim a high five first thing in the morning or it could even be switching your phone to silent mode before you start work.

6. Start early

When back from holiday it is best to start the work day early.

About the Author

Julian Yong is Jedi Apprentice in Thriving Talents. He is on his journey to build a 100% passive income through online business. His mission is to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to be forward thinkers, risk takers and game changers by learning from the best.

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