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Who Leads Next? What Every Employer Needs To Know

To Develop Your Gen-Y Leaders (worth $500)

By Michael Teoh (MY)

Founder of Thriving Talents

Ruth Cooper-Dickson (UK)

Founder of Champs Consulting

You will be learning:

  • To understand why we NEED stress and how to be CONFIDENT in articulating the key elements to becoming ‘unplugged'
  • How to RECOGNIZE the warning signs of stress and take EFFECTIVE steps to protect yourself and your team from workload excesses and shifting priorities
  • How to implement SMALL but SIMPLE changes in your daily habits that create Long Lasting Results to handle workplace stress
  • 4 tips to REFRESH and ENERGIZE yourself instantly even if you are feeling worn down after a long day
  • How to find your own personal work / life blend so that you can set aside QUALITY TIME for Family, Friends and most importantly, 'Me-Time'.

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