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Who are the Thrivers, and what are good topics for them?

The Thrivers are a group of aspiring entrepreneurs, students who are looking to grow their audience, build an online business, and become known as the go-to experts in their niche. They range from complete newbies to advanced online marketers.
I created this group because I believe that many minds are better than one. We all have blindspots: areas where we can’t see what’s missing, but someone else with a different perspective can. And while I love to teach, I think that we can all learn something by putting our heads together and helping one another around our blindspots (myself included).
The Thrivers are a caring community of talented individuals who jump in to answer each other’s questions… just as if we were all in the same room, sitting around a table and masterminding together!
I encourage you to go ahead and join our Facebook group here to get a feel for our community. You can click on the Events tab to view our past and upcoming classes.
Great topics include: blogging, social media, advertising, SEO, branding, public speaking, productivity, video marketing, book publishing… basically anything that can help our group to become more visible online and grow their business.

What is the format?

There are a few formats that you can choose from (Podcast, Google Hangout or Facebook Live). Whichever format you choose to
The format I recommend is having about 5-7 points prepared that you are going to cover, hit on each of your points, recap your points, and then offer to answer any questions.
(If you are looking for a really excellent example to follow, check out Chris Ducker’s periscopes. Slightly different platform, but very similar to FB live, and his content is excellent.)

Who will be interviewing me?

Well, you can choose to either be interviewed or you can use that opportunity to share

How do people ask questions?


Can I link to my website?

Yes, feel free to mention a link to your website or landing page to promote whatever you have going on. A good tip would be to provide as much value first before promoting so it doesn’t seem salesy or spammy.

Should I be nervous?

No! Don’t be afraid, we’re all nice people! If you’re doing something new, it’s normal to be nervous, but know that the Thrivers are a bunch of supportive cheerleaders that will be rooting for you on.

Shane Melaugh

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