How To Survive A Never Ending Meeting

How To Survive A Never Ending Meeting

1. Set a Specific Time

Have a specific time in the week set for only meetings and set the maximum time for the meeting. An example would be to have every Monday morning and Thursday evening for an hour to have meetings.

Anytime other that those pre-determined dates should be blacked out to do work unless it is absolutely necessary to break that rule

2.  Get Everyone's Commitment

There is no use having people who don’t want to be in the meeting be present in the room. That will only distract the team from really discussing the things that needs to be discussed.

3. Determine An Agenda

Clearly state the objective and the deliverables before going into the meeting.

4. Stay On Track

Stay focused on achieving the objectives and deliverables set.

Quick tip: if you feel that the team is starting to run off topic, put in a quick reminder by asking prompting questions like ‘will that help towards solving our problem?’

5. Stick To The Time Limit

It may be tempting to run off schedule especially there is unresolved issues but sticking to the time will enable yourself to get people’s commitment and focus on the task. Appoint a time keeper to keep everyone on track and focused.

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