Am I Heading In The Right Direction?

Being too focused on taking the right road has left many of us paralyzed at taking that next big step in our journey to life that we often forget that life is not a quaint little road where we only have two different diverging paths; rather it is more like a super highway.

In order to determine whether we are heading in the right direction we then need to ask ourselves three important questions as we go through the motions.

These three questions are:

Will I be happy doing this for the next three years?

No matter how good what we’re doing now looks on paper, but if deep within our souls we feel that what we’re currently just something we cannot stand then to that question the answer is no. It takes a huge toll on us to continuously do something that we are opposed to, not just mentally but also physically.

Will I be a better person tomorrow?

How everyone views a good person is subjective, but there are common elements in each of this views. However the most important view of a good person would be our own view of what that version is.

Will this add value where it counts the most?

The one thing most people regret at the end of the road is usually not being able to make a lot of money or not being able to buy that one materialistic object but not being able to make an impact in the lives of those around us.

At The End of The Day

Be Young, Be Passionate, and Be Free. Go out and make those opportunities being offered to us count and if in a few months down the road we feel that this choice is not for us, then don’t be afraid to make a U-Turn or exit onto a smaller connecting road because we will always have a choice.

About the Author

Julian Yong is Jedi Apprentice in Thriving Talents. He is on his journey to build a 100% passive income through online business. His mission is to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to be forward thinkers, risk takers and game changers by learning from the best.

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