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Michael Teoh

From the desk of Michael Teoh

Founder of Thriving Talents

Hey Friend!

OK. Let me get straight to the point, The reason you are looking at this page here is because, either Myself or someone has referred for you to look at this 7-Days Marshall Thurber Business School programme right?

Well, I must say – Well Done to You for taking the initiative!

You would have been informed that I will personally, be attending this 7-Days Marshall Thurber Business School programme as well, happening in Johor, Malaysia for the 1st time!

You must have also heard of my personal story on how I encountered Marshall Thurber… Well, more like, how I got to know about him…

So here are some pointers… 1 Month Ago, a good friend, who happens to be my Advisor & Partner in Investments – Best-Selling Author (Keep Investment Simple & Stupid) & Alternate Investment Coach, Jonathan Quek invited me to a seminar from Marshall’s Asian representative and he said…

‘Bro… Would you want to learn from the Man who taught Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad), T. Harv Eker (Millionaire Mind), Sir Richard Branson (He flew Marshall to Necker Island for a Private Business Class) and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul), HOW to Grow Their Business and Build their Empire?! Come on lah!’

Honestly… I thought he was joking BUT, I went, just to see if my friend, Jonathan was joking again!


There I was, as I met Mr. Melvin Soh, the Asian representative of Marshall Thurber from Singapore during his seminar and I HEARD, SAW and BECAME INSPIRED through the teachings he has learnt from Marshall Thurber, WHO INDEED taught the people who became my ICONS in Life like Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson and T. Harv Eker!

Jonathan Quek (right) and I with Melvin Soh (middle)

In my own understanding, Marshall Thurber taught them HOW TO:

  • Build a Business Empire, which is Highly Scale-Able & Replicate-Able. like what Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, and Richard Branson did!
  •  ENJOY Doing What You Love , for a 100-times Scale while Generating Huge Impact, in Your Bottom Line & Business Growth!.
  •  Build a System within Their Businesses. so that They No Longer Need to Trade Time for Money
  • How to Leverage on their Personal Brands & Build a Following so that Others would Willingly Work with Them
  • How to Diversify their Business Interests (While still leveraging on their Brands), to Accelerate Their Revenue Growth
  • How to Attract High-paying Clients and get them to pay you MORE than your competitors... over and over again!

As I pondered on going, these alarming thoughts struck me!

  • Marshall Thurber is now 74 years old and he rarely ever comes to Asia. This may be the rarest chance we will get to see him in Malaysia ever! If not… We have to fly all the way to the USA to see him! Flight Tickets will ‘Kill Us!’ in Costs!
  • Marshall Thurber HIMSELF will be training us, at his age of 74 years old – Think of all the Experiences & Wisdom!
  • This is a 7-Days Business School! 7-Full Days! This is FOR REAL!
  • Yes, I would love to build my business, fuelled with my Passion like how Tony Robbins and Sir Richard Branson did, and THIS GUY had taught them! I want to learn from him!
  • He was supposed to only do his rare Asia-Tour 7-Days Business School in Singapore, but our good host, Mr. Melvin Soh managed to convince Marshall to come to Malaysia, at a reduced fee for us, Malaysians!

Here's What You Will Learn When You Attend 7-Day Business School:

On Days 1 to 3, we cover business principles you need to know and apply to succeed in business now.

You will learn how to:

- Attract high-profile clients right off the bat - even if you just opened shop last week!

- The art of networking with high-net worth people and how to get them on your side, so they are INVESTED in your success and want to HELP YOU…

- Plenty of ways you can get your brand (and name) out there ... get the right kind of publicity ... and draw in customers, affiliates and even the MEDIA with ease!

- How to always get the deal that pays you what you're worth, so you NEVER feel like you "under-cut" yourself

- How to ensure YOUR business can run without you being there ... so you can take a holiday!

- Ways to motivate your employees so they don’t slack off at work and work at their highest performance levels.

- How to create and apply powerful, advanced and duplicable systems & processes for EVERY part of your business … so it works like clockwork.

- Learn how to optimize these systems and processes to create predictable results and profits for your company day in and day out…

- Learn how to Innovate and create NEW products that customers will queue up across the streets for - without having to spend a bomb on R & D!

- How to produce so much DYNAMIC VALUE for customers that you literally have no competition because no one can keep up with you or figure out what you’re doing.

... and more!

On Day 5 and 6, we cover powerful communication strategies you can use in sales and presentations.

Learn how to:

- Design and deliver effective presentations that motivate, educate and entice people to BUY what you're offering!

- Connect with prospects so powerfully they feel 100% understood and SELECT YOU as their go-to person!

- The ONE thing you must do before you pitch your next proposal!

- Never be eaten alive by the person sitting opposite the table! Learn when to walk, and when to stay!

- Sell more than you've ever sold in your entire life ... just by changing a few words you say AT THE START!

On Day 7 and 8, we play The Accounting Game - a 2-day experience where students get a chance to master university level accounting through a fun, interactive activity.

Students will master the art of reading financials ... how to reduce costs and increase profits ... what different otherwise complex numbers mean ... and how to truly balance the books!

The result is financial mastery like you've never experienced before.

When Is 7-Days Business School?

7-Day Business School will run from 11th July (Tues) to 18th July (Tuesday) 2017. It will be a full 7 day long program, most days starting from 9am all the way to 11pm.

It would be advisable to get there a day early (10th July) so that you are well rested and prepared for when the programme starts.​

CLICK HERE to view the entire Participants timetable.

Where Is The Program Held?

The 7-Day Business School is held at KSL Resorts in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. It's 7 minutes away by car across the Singapore border.

How do I get to KSL Resorts?

You can get to KSL Resorts either by the various means.

If you're coming from Malaysia, just car pool with a friend or drive down.

If you're coming from Singapore:

1. Take our chartered bus from our designated location on 10th of July at 2.30pm or 8.30pm. (Exact meeting location is to be confirmed).

2. Use a ride-sharing app like Uber or Grab to get into Malaysia

3. Take a cab to the causeway. Cross the causeway and get into Malaysia on a public bus. Once you're in Malaysia, take a 5-min cab ride to KSL Resorts.

Where should I book my hotel?

Over 95% of participants would be staying at the official event hotel - KSL Resorts) because:

1) The program runs from 8.30 AM to 11 PM daily for the entirety of the event. It is highly recommended to stay in the official hotel for the safety and convenience of the participants.

2) It is easier to network and bond with 200 over other participants when you stay and eat with everyone else in the same hotel. Making connections.

3) That's the ONLY hotel we will be able to secure good corporate rates taking in to consideration the number of participants attending the event, their safety, practicality, and their comfort.

We have negotiated with the official event hotel to make this the best corporate package for our participants.


Q: What if I do not wish to stay in the official event hotel?

A: Participants could look for their own accommodation around KSL Resorts (official hotel) to make travel convenient for themselves.

Q: Where do we have our meals during the program?

A: Participants will be having their meals at the official event restaurant, Infusion Café @ KSL Resorts

Q: Can I skip having meals together with my course mates?

A: The 7-Day Business School require participants to dine together during all 3 meals so they can network, build friendships and business partnerships.

Q: Can I only have a few meals together with my course mates. (E.g. Lunch only)?

A: The 7-Day Business School require participants to dine together during all 3 meals so they can network, build connections and business partnerships.

Q: How much does it cost to ONLY have my meals at the hotel?

A: Refer to the table below for a visual representation of the cost per person, per day.

Q: What if I have a very specific dietary request?

A: The food at KSL resorts is halal. If you've additional dietary request, we will make special arrangements for you.

Please write in to: support@enlightenedprofits.net.

What Are The Investment Costs?

I know of the value in which Marshall Thurber’s 7-Days Business School could bring, and which is why, I have RECOMMENDED, INVITED and PERSISTENTLY CALLED on You to Attend It With Me…

Lastly, I also promised you that because you heard of this Marshall Thurber 7-Days Business School from our Webinar Online, and that THERE IS A SPECIAL OFFER. The organisers were willing to only give you a SPECIAL INVESTMENT of $2997 (RM8997) for a 7-Day Business School Programe with Marshall Thurber!

Get Your Tickets Here!

$3667 $2997 (RM8997) ONLY

or 3 easy payments of $1100 (RM3300)


See what other former students have to say:

"Marshall Thurber is the REAL DEAL"

"(Marshall)...gives you a set of principles and process how you could scale your business to the next level. And what's the most cutting edge ideas out there."

"In fact, I also want to share with you, Melvin is also working very closely with one of the role model and mentor I admire a lot, Marshall Thurber where, personally, I benefit a lot from... actually... Marshall program... one of them is called Future of Business and second one is actually called Money & You."

KEN CHEE Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of 8i Holdings

"Very different and far more powerful than anything else you’ve ever heard…"

"People who don't know Marshall, he is a legend on a worldwide basis..

Marshall has spent his life transforming entrepreneurial businesses of about every kind and size into extraordinary money makers…

He has a system, a series of principles and methodologies and ideologies that is very different and far more powerful than anything else you've ever heard.."

Jay Abraham Founder and  CEO of Abraham Group

Get Your Tickets Here!

$3667 $2997 (RM8997) ONLY

or 3 easy payments of $1100 (RM3300)

“We have saved ourselves maybe about easily SGD$1M to SGD$2M in the next 3 years.”

"We nailed down a negotiation which we are in the midst of doing. And we got out of the negotiation in a better position than we were as well going into it.

So that was something that happen during the course itself. Well, I would say we easily saves ourselves about easily $1M to $2M in the next 3 years"

ROY TAY Entrepreneur, Investor, Speaker

“…my business has doubled from USD$2.4M to USD$4.8M”

“I was first exposed to his Business & YOU course in August 2010…

In this time(3 years) my business has doubled from $2.4M to $4.8M, and I attribute this all to Marshall's training

Matthew HeskiN MD of Emission Testing Consultants

“We actually closed more than SGD$80,000 worth of deals.”

"We actually closed more than $80,000 worth of deals. And be able to make $80,000 within 3 months... That is a truly life transformational journey for me. I never knew that would happen."

COLIN GOH Director of LearnSuperMart

Get Your Tickets Here!

$3667 $2997 (RM8997) ONLY

or 3 easy payments of $1100 (RM3300)

Best yet, you will be joining me there to learn together, eat together and have some fun together too!

So, I will see you there! Can’t Wait!

This is Your Opportunity to be Coached by the ‘Guru of Gurus’ – Marshall Thurber… Not too sure when he will be back at his age, but I want you to be there with me!

"To be the best, learn from the best - Darren Lacroix”

Your best,

Michael Teoh Su Lim

P.S.: I'd love to see you at Marshall Thurber's event. Save $668 (of normal price $3665) when you Sign Up here.