The Futuristic Realities of Online Learning            for Peoples' Development


Michael Teoh
Michael Teoh (Malaysia)
Thriving Talents
Michael Teoh
Ken Kavanagh (Canada)
President of Orion Learning

Higher education is undergoing an explosive period of transformation that embraces the digital age. From tablets to smart phones to wikis and blogs, today's digital environment makes communication, collaboration and information sharing easier than ever before.

Teaching and learning now occurs on a multi-dimensional level that involves both personal instruction and cutting-edge online technologies. This paradigm shift has made advanced education considerably more accessible to current and potential students, driving increasing demand for online learning opportunities.

Although we are aware of its effectiveness, the landscape of Online Learning in Malaysia hasn't been fully explored. The common challenges faced by companies in implementing Online Learning are the lack of interactivity, technology limitations and lack of self-motivation/focus.

So how can we still reap the benefits of online learning at its optimized efficiency?

This week, we have Ken Kavanagh (President of Orion Learning Canada) to address challenges that hinders companies from maximizing the capabilities of online learning in Malaysia.

What You'll Discover On this Webinar:

  1. ​What is the Future of Online Learning
  2. How to create a highly Engaging & Stimulating Environment for Your Talents to learn, via Online
  3. How to Excite your talents' curiosity & natural interest to Adopt Online Learning for their development
  4. How to Create or Deliver Online Learning Content that will get people to Want to Learn with you
  5. And Specific Answers to your Questions!

PS: This webinar is completely free - there is no charge and we’ll deliver real content (not an hour long sales pitch…we hate those as much as you do!)

Introducing Your Hosts

Michael Teoh

Michael Teoh (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) is the Founder of Thriving Talents, a 'Millennials-focused' Talent Development company which delivers training and consultancy for Fortune 500 companies across 39 countries, in the areas of Attracting, Managing, Retaining & Motivating Millennials. He has shared the stage with other notable business icons like Sir Richard Branson, Sir Bob Geldof and even presented a workshop in the presence of President Barack Obama. Michael is the co-author of Potential Matrix: Strategies To Unlock Your Potential for Success in Anything That You Do.


Ken Kavanagh (Canada) has almost 30 years of creating and managing customer experience (People, Process and Technology) and learning and development for some of Forbes 500 top companies. He is an expert in accredited competency based learning and formed his company, Orion Learning almost 10 years ago. Orion Learning offers over 900 accredited digital learning courses, programs and examinations allowing students to achieve milestones in competency based learning in areas such as customer service, project management, service management, change management and finance management.

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