Building A Culture

That Wins The Hearts Of Gen Y’s


Michael Teoh
Michael Teoh (Malaysia)
Founder of Thriving Talents
Michael Teoh
Jonathan Chu (MY)
Culture Transformational Coach at 95%, The Culture Consultants

How do you create an atmosphere that keeps top performers at your organization? How do you keep your competitors from plucking your best talent? How do you minimize top performers leaving for opportunities elsewhere?

Gone is the “you should be grateful to work here” paradigm. It has been replaced by Millennials with, “Why should I work (or keep working) for you?” Leadership expert John C. Maxwell says, “Your ability as a leader to find, develop, and retain the best people is the single greatest factor in determining your success.”

The key to retaining young top talent is to cultivate a company culture that is hard to leave. And that company culture starts with the leader.

What You'll Discover On this Webinar:

  1. Understand the importance of Culture to a Business in retaining Millennial talent
  2. Learn 4 Strategies to create a culture of loyalty in a company EVEN if you have little to no budget
  3. The 3 key steps to determine if your organizational culture is healthy and how you can turn it around
  4. How do you start building a Thriving Company Culture EVEN if you are a new entrepreneur.

So hang on to your seats as Culture Specialist, Jonathan Chu unravels the secrets to transforming the culture of companies.

Drop everything, and be there at this webinar.

PS: This webinar is completely free - there is no charge and we’ll deliver real content (not an hour long sales pitch…we hate those as much as you do!)

Introducing Your Hosts

Michael Teoh

Michael Teoh (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) is the Founder of Thriving Talents, a 'Millennials-focused' Talent Development company which delivers training and consultancy for Fortune 500 companies across 39 countries, in the areas of Attracting, Managing, Retaining & Motivating Millennials. He has shared the stage with other notable business icons like Sir Richard Branson, Sir Bob Geldof and even presented a workshop in the presence of President Barack Obama. Michael is the co-author of Potential Matrix: Strategies To Unlock Your Potential for Success in Anything That You Do.


Jonathan Chu (MY) is the Culture Transformational Coach & Strategist at 95% The Culture Consultants, a consultancy company that aims to turn workplaces to joyplaces. He believes that a workplace can truly be a joyplace when people are not only results-oriented, but people-conscious. That fuels him as he consults, facilitates and manages culture transformation programmes for clients. Being the best of his class as an Idea Rawkstarrs graduate, his clients are often mind-blown by the array of invaluable ideas he brings to the table.

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