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8 Signs Your Time Management Sucks

TLDR ON Have you ever woken up one day, and just realised that you seem to never have time for anything. And in the back of your mind as you rush for yet another appointment you stop and think to yourself  If you have a sinking suspicion that you might be rubbish at managing your […]

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5 Lessons To Learn From Chinese New Year

TLDR ON As we usher in the year of the Fire Rooster, we go through the motions of yet again following strict traditions in order to usher in good fortune and prevent bad things from happening. Coming from a family that values time together the most, my parents would –to this very day, still insist […]

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Cultivating Good Habits

TLDR ON Have you ever realized that despite your best efforts to want to change yourself for the better and take on a new lease on life, one way or another you seem to be falling into the same bad habits over and over again? And as you repeatedly do something you regret to think […]

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How To Stand Out While Interning

TLDR ON Everyone has had sad sad experiences while interning, from struggling with the xerox machine to having to run around getting coffee for your seniors. You may even sometimes wonder during an internship Image from There are many benefits to doing an internship, (though we cannot deny there are some downsides but) the […]

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Start Committing To Taking Action

TLDR ON ​​Happy New Year everyone! (Yes I’m technically still allowed to say that). Since it’s the new years I’ve had the sudden realisation that Image taken from If you’re in the same boat as we let’s both commit to taking action and acheiving our goals this year and below are a few steps […]

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Starting The Year Right

TLDR ON ​As we wake up for work (or classes) today on the third day of the New Year, most of you are probably already contemplating breaking that good streak of going to the gym every morning. New year’s is a magical thing, it gives many people –especially people who’ve always been putting off doing […]

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Things We Accidentally Do At Work

TLDR ON Sometimes despite our best efforts to stay productive and actually do meaningful work, we cannot seem to prevent ourselves from straying off tangent and being distracted by anything and everything especially on a slow Monday morning.Below are the five things that we tend to accidentally do at work 1. Being Busy Without Actually […]

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Dealing With Procrastination

TLDR ON Having to be an adult and do important things can be so hard , so sometimes ( a few times, okay maybe most of the time) when we tend to give in to our temptation and do something else instead.As we’ve reached the end of the year I’ve felt that this year I’ve […]

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ways to become an proper adult

Being a Fully Functional Working Adult

TLDR ON No one ever said it was going to be easy being an adult, we may not have believed it when we heard it growing up but once responsibilities and commitments hits us it hits us hard.Some of us make it through adulthood unscathed but after a year after graduation it feels like ​ […]

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rise above the challenges

Conquering Your Fear

TLDR ON Fear the very essence that makes us human beings can either make or break us. For me whenever I am put in a situation in which I’m uncomfortable with I choose to deny that it even exists because just as Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes said). Image by However after working at […]

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