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Things We Accidentally Do At Work

TLDR OFF Sometimes despite our best efforts to stay productive and actually do meaningful work, we cannot seem to prevent ourselves from straying off tangent and being distracted by anything and everything especially during these end of year season with Christmas and New Years just around the corner.Below are the five things that we tend […]

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ways to become an proper adult

Being A Fully Functioning Working Adult

TLDR OFF After almost a whole year of working, I can safely say that being an adult is very much like sitting a roller coaster, except I can’t get off and the roller coaster is on fire, the tracks are on fire, and everything is on fire! (hahaha okay so I took this quote from […]

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increasing productivity

How To Be More Productive

TLDR OFF The desire to slack off, to do nothing and to simply procrastinate until the day is over is strong in us. Image from This is especially true to those of us who come from a very special group of people that grew up in the fast paced instant gratification generation – more […]

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3 Best Ways To Overcome Monday Blues

TLDR OFF It’s Monday. Again. The worse of all days, Mondays are the days where we are most likely to skip breakfast and rush out the door with two different socks on our feet just to be caught in a traffic jam yet again. And the misery doesn’t just end there oh no, as soon […]

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How To Switch Back To Work Mode

TLDR OFF Taking a break from work and going on holiday is something that we don’t do often enough, mainly because we dread the after effects of coming back. Coming back to work after a long weekend can feel like a drag. It feels very much like you’re trying so hard to keep that productive […]

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How To Survive A Never Ending Meeting

TLDR OFF Have you ever had the feeling like the meeting you’re currently in is never going to end? Feeling like the meeting that was initially called for has gone so far off course that it has found Aslan in Narnia? Here’s a trophy for you because if you’re still surviving the countless mind numbing […]

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